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Apple bloom and sweetie belle are giveing Scootaloo a flying lesson!
Don’t worry, they are aiming at a bunch of clouds. She has a safe place to land!
She is scared now but I think she will enjoy it ^^

safe2172276 artist:liaaqila1418 apple bloom59971 scootaloo58718 sweetie belle56699 earth pony445413 pegasus495598 pony1600445 unicorn537053 g42026993 apple bloom's bow3406 blank flank9945 bow44586 butt230910 cannon1152 chest fluff65351 cute265494 cutie mark crusaders22358 ear fluff50544 eye clipping through hair14585 eyebrows24476 eyebrows visible through hair11642 eyes closed138800 female1800448 filly97254 flying lesson177 folded wings19888 frown36098 glowing19078 glowing horn29104 hair bow25576 horn189459 levitation16232 magic96508 magic aura8979 match157 open mouth237130 open smile31091 plot143928 pony cannonball351 shrunken pupils5361 simple background595094 smiling396801 sweat40480 telekinesis39000 this will end in tears and/or death and/or covered in tree sap334 this will end in tree sap13 traditional art142980 trio26044 trio female5561 white background161223 wide eyes19864 wings222439


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DarkMech is Best Mech
Scootaloo had better pray that Applebloom finds her special talent and gets her artillery cutie mark for this, or I don’t think she’s gonna reach those clouds.
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Apple Bloom: Just remember us helping you to fly using Pinkie Pie’s canon!  
Scootaloo: I’m under too much pressure right now!