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Apple bloom and sweetie belle are giveing Scootaloo a flying lesson!
Don’t worry, they are aiming at a bunch of clouds. She has a safe place to land!
She is scared now but I think she will enjoy it ^^
safe1918998 artist:liaaqila1224 apple bloom55234 scootaloo54589 sweetie belle52455 earth pony338529 pegasus382560 pony1266628 unicorn420155 butt155379 cannon985 cute228354 cutie mark crusaders20493 eye clipping through hair10196 eyebrows13747 eyebrows visible through hair7178 female1554477 filly80912 flying lesson164 frown27393 glowing10493 glowing horn24231 horn108677 magic83722 match133 open mouth187503 open smile13097 plot106520 pony cannonball306 shrunken pupils4720 simple background480645 smiling315362 sweat32083 telekinesis32791 this will end in tears and/or death and/or covered in tree sap307 this will end in tree sap14 trio14903 trio female3283 white background123609 wide eyes18481


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DarkMech is Best Mech
Scootaloo had better pray that Applebloom finds her special talent and gets her artillery cutie mark for this, or I don’t think she’s gonna reach those clouds.
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Non-Fungible Trixie -
My Little Pony - 1992 Edition

Apple Bloom: Just remember us helping you to fly using Pinkie Pie’s canon!  
Scootaloo: I’m under too much pressure right now!
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