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safe1922513 artist:minekoo268 rainbow dash255075 twilight sparkle327196 alicorn265027 pegasus383842 pony1269900 bed48441 counting sheep12 curved horn8499 dream2934 dream bubble66 ear fluff39670 eyes closed115441 female1557304 fence3434 folded wings11428 high res81223 hind legs412 horn109115 jumping3909 legs together1395 lesbian106652 mare589739 pillow21736 shipping225026 sleeping26078 sparkles6127 twidash5575 twilight sparkle (alicorn)135862 wings163651


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I am human, hear me err.
Why would Rainbow Dash jump over a fence like that when she could fly over it? Come to think of it, that fence is short enough that it wouldn’t take much for her to adjust her course and gallop around it.
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Background Pony #5649
Twilight: Rainbow, aren’t you tired?  
RD: Uh, not really, why?  
Twilight: Because you’ve been running through my dreams all night.
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