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An old flash animation I converted to video by going through the flash file one frame at a time and saving screenshots.

Also the original animation had Cadance moaning but it sounds annoying after a few seconds so I left it out (besides, there were two moaning sounds and I could only extract one of them).
suggestive148270 artist:thefazoob8 derpibooru exclusive29285 editor:bobhershey36 princess cadance33130 queen chrysalis35438 alicorn232683 changeling49739 changeling queen17664 anthro269332 animated100779 bad touch740 bondage34855 breast grab7444 breasts288431 clothes475456 dress46016 female1400805 females only13033 femdom8359 fingering4729 fondling495 grope13799 kissing25350 licking20839 molestation1795 personal space invasion882 side slit1443 simple background408736 sound9441 spreader bar2334 tongue out108132 webm14317


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Background Pony #BD64
If you post the link I can save the full version with sound and upload it