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An old flash animation I converted to video by going through the flash file one frame at a time and saving screenshots.

Also the original animation had Cadance moaning but it sounds annoying after a few seconds so I left it out (besides, there were two moaning sounds and I could only extract one of them).
suggestive148404 artist:thefazoob8 derpibooru exclusive29308 editor:bobhershey36 princess cadance33152 queen chrysalis35465 alicorn232865 changeling49806 changeling queen17716 anthro269553 animated100813 bad touch739 bondage34898 breast grab7457 breasts288668 cadalis312 clothes475927 dress46068 female1401710 females only13055 femdom8369 fingering4733 fondling495 grope13818 infidelity6910 kissing25373 lesbian99266 licking20857 molestation1794 personal space invasion883 shipping205654 side slit1444 simple background409043 sound9448 spreader bar2336 tongue out108235 webm14334


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Background Pony #BD64
If you post the link I can save the full version with sound and upload it