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Strawberries Instead of Apples [NATG XI - D22]🍓  
Alternate Source (Twitter):

safe2153466 artist:darksly670 apple bloom59584 applejack198721 rainbow dash277217 strawberry sunrise451 earth pony437523 pegasus487591 pony1581375 g42006530 apple bloom's bow3324 applejack is best facemaker275 applejack's hat14049 atg 2021762 bow43936 bush4515 confused6605 cowboy hat25179 crying54945 eyes closed136930 faic14830 female1780213 filly96148 food99911 grass15007 hair bow25129 hat122620 hiding1915 high res406089 laughing10952 looking up23598 mare727649 newbie artist training grounds8329 open mouth232841 open smile29307 prank1715 raised hoof68434 siblings21168 sisters17559 smiling389488 snickering194 strawberry1539 tears of laughter1237 teary eyes6737 that pony sure does hate strawberries21 that pony sure does love strawberries13 this will end in pain and/or angry countryisms23 tree48253 what in tarnation64 what is life13


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