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safe1974593 artist:chub-wub675 applejack188012 cloudy quartz1582 cookie crumbles1232 discord34861 fluttershy238533 gentle breeze519 li'l cheese657 pear butter3447 pinkie pie238841 posey shy1629 rainbow dash259664 rarity203394 spike87400 sweetie belle53525 twilight sparkle333310 twilight velvet5020 windy whistles2487 alicorn275036 draconequus17042 dragon72382 earth pony362834 ghost3436 pegasus408124 pony1326991 undead4251 unicorn447895 season 92435 the last problem7188 spoiler:s091712 absurd resolution71627 adopted offspring1209 blushing239222 cheek kiss2600 eyes closed121046 eyeshadow22708 female1606159 gigachad spike1158 glowing horn25562 horn117749 hug33632 implied appledash325 implied discoshy223 implied lesbian4206 implied shipping6236 implied straight6016 kissing28948 levitation14293 magic86657 makeup31101 male460896 mane seven7354 mane six35359 mare619813 mom six141 mother and child4053 mother and daughter7057 mother and son3590 mother's day626 mothers gonna mother165 older34246 older applejack928 older cloudy quartz1 older cookie crumbles1 older fluttershy915 older gentle breeze1 older mane seven291 older mane six448 older pinkie pie876 older posey shy1 older rainbow dash1088 older rarity883 older spike8039 older sweetie belle3191 older twilight2684 older twilight velvet4 older windy whistles1 one eye closed39995 pear butter's ghost63 princess twilight 2.03243 siblings15441 simple background503237 sisters13315 skunk stripe394 telekinesis34323 twilight sparkle (alicorn)138735 wall of tags5430 white background130761 winged spike9408 wings175768 wink29689


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Just Wayne
Elements of Harmony - Had an OC in the 2022 Community Collab

Umbreon is best Pokemon!
@Background Pony #A628  
Dude just stop, the mod already told everyone to stop arguing about shipping in this comment section. If you really believe they’re married, say it in a forum or PM someone you want to bother, not here.
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This is a work of fan art where the artist is shipping the characters they want to ship. Using comments on their artwork to argue about whether these ships are canon or not, or what happened in the show, is unbelievably rude and inappropriate, and against our rules for this site. If you want to debate how the show ended or argue whether these ships are canon or not, please use the forums or PMs.
Background Pony #345C
The epilogue was all about showing things, not telling things. Like with the scarves of Granny and Goldie. You just know what the writers were going for despite it not being explicitly stated.

Draconequues Lover
@Background Pony #A628  
She married him because despite all his flaws she knows he has a good heart and wishes to do good hell he almost died just to make her comfortable there story arc together is beautiful and really shows how kindness can change someone even if a little full