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So uh, yeah, this is a relationship that escalated too quickly 👀. A relationship that shouldn’t exist, but hey, life happens. And oh yeah, simple art style again, oop.
(And the situation regarding Rarity’s hair is bothering me, what was I thinking… like how can that bonnet hold all of that hair?? Idk… I guess we’ll find out XD)
⚠️Warning: Might touch on some uncomfortable topics; And long description ⚠️
Anyways, Rarity never, EVER in her life considered Spike as someone of class or appeal. She was never attracted to him at all when he was younger! I mean, obviously! Back then, it would be weird for a practical adult, like Rarity, to find a youngster, like Spike, sexaully attractive (and it still is currently). But apparently now, once Spike grew older, after coming back from the Dragon Lair from about 5 years (a story that I’ll touch on later), Rarity now saw him as ….“attractive”. Because for her, at a certain age, age doesn’t matter… right?….
It really baffled and stunned Rarity that her tiny Spike had grown so quickly and maturely. Sure he still might be a bit chunky from overdosing on gems daily, but Rarity saw it as “charming” and adorable. But for the most part, Spike was fairly thick, muscular and scratched up (due to hundreds of dragon brawls, competitions and so on and so forth). However Spike is still the little sweet ole bean he was a child.
The first time coming back to Ponyville, he considered to stay with Rarity until Twilight came back (from Canterlot… at the time Twilight was going back and forth from place to place). He thought it would be nice to catch up on some other stuff that they didn’t mention in the letters they’ve constantly sent while he was gone. They laughed and had a chill time together. But it wasn’t long before Rarity suddenly got close to him and started batting her eyelashes rapidly. Rarity is really horrible at hiding her hormones. The stallions and mares she’s dated or have been with can tell instantly when she wants to mingle. Spike could tell too, and with her being his lifelong crush, he kinda freaked out. But don’t worry they didn’t do anything yet that night. Now, that’s toooo soon!
Rarity had caught herself and knew what she was doing was VERY wrong. She tried to play it off, saying that she was only teasing him. Spike believed her and shrugged it off…. That was a close one. For the few days he stayed there, Rarity only found herself growing more “desperate” for him, as she kept trying to dismiss her emotions. And as we may know, Rarity is a very romantic gal, and when she finds someone attractive, she finds them attractive, and will do whatever it takes to get her grubby hooves on them. This is a horrible trait of hers… and it also doesn’t help that if somepony else likes or loves them, and or her “crush” likes someone else, she’ll get all upset and jealous…(example: Trenderhoof liking AJ)
Man, Rarity might be generous, but she has to gain something first before giving it away, am I right? I mean, She can’t make something for somepony without gaining the right materials, she can’t give bits to poor ponies without earning them, she can’t give up time if there’s not time to waste, y’know what I’m trying to say huh? She can’t generously share friendship, without having it enough herself…. She can’t share a relationship if she hasn’t gotten nothing out of it… See, this is the problem that Rarity will face in the journey of this relationship.
Once Spike left for Twilight, Rarity couldn’t help but feel a bit sad that he left her again. She hated that she felt this way, because her sad feelings were coming from the fact that she couldn’t be with him….in “that” way (sexually). She had to keep telling herself “no” and to ignore it, which she does, until her stupid brain recalls it in the middle of the night. All she could do now is just brood in silence… she didn’t want to tell anypony about this and hoped that someday, this immoral lust would go away.
Gladly, for some days, or even weeks, she can go without thinking about her feelings for Spike. But every time when he would fly in and visit her or just hang with her, the overwhelming feelings come back, but this time, not super noticeable like before. However, she’ll find herself gravitating towards him or circle around him like some cat (like checking him out, or just REALLY happy to see him).
BUT eventually, she broke, and found herself slightly making out with him…Spike was very perplexed at first, but then his little hypersexaul dragon hormones got to him quickly too 💀. Gradually, they did do the do, but totally discarded the fact that they did do it the next morning. (Gladly, Spike didn’t experience PCD/PCT. But if he seemed bothered, he was probably still shocked that Rarity did that to him). They both promised to never speak of it again, and if they do, not around others or in public of course. Rarity officially hates herself and can’t look in the mirror now…. :(
Rarity hoped and prayed that this ONS didn’t get her pregnant. She hoped that they both weren’t super fertile, or hoped that it was impossible for a dragon and pony to have hybrid offspring… and well, it was miraculously possible. After she took that pregnancy test, and got her “unfortunate” results, she opted not to tell ANY pony, and planned to abort them………..
Now, this whole situation made her clinically depressed and lost. She had nopony to talk to. Nopony to comfort her. Nopony to relate to or nothing. It was just her, herself and she, sigh…. She hated the thought of aborting innocent lives; its basically murder in her eyes. But if she did, the world wouldn’t know what she’s done. All in all, she didn’t abort them… honestly she was too dejected to move to go to any doctor…She was so sad, that she had stopped work for a while (and was pretty ill due to pregnancy symptoms). She just laid in her bed, or her red fancy couch and ate ice cream (and other weird combinated foods) while watching reality TV shows or soap operas.
Luckily, before Rarity got super bad, her sister, Sweetie Belle eventually found out, and helped her out. Rarity really didn’t want her to know, but she knew that Sweetie didn’t have a judgmental heart and would care for her or anypony. (I mean, heck, Sweetie and the other Crusaders started up their own Cutie Mark Camp. So of course she would be open and caring). However, Rarity never mentioned who got her pregnant… but she did say to just keep every other pony away from her. This concerned Sweetie, but she made sure that Rarity was kept comfortable, warm and safe. Poor Rarity just’ve gotten herself into this situation, and just wanted to get out of it quickly.
Within those nine months of pregnancy, Spike, as usual, would try to come visit her. However, this time he would be cut off by Sweetie Belle lying to him, stating that Rarity’s sick, and that it’s best to stay away from her for a while. This would only concern Spike to death and hoped that nothing bad was happening to her. This also made him more eager to see Rarity to make sure that she was alive and well. He was anxious and somewhat angered that he couldn’t at least see her from afar. Eventually, one day he had it, and had to brute force his way in (he didn’t hurt Sweetie. All he did was pick her up, sat her to the side and rushed his way to Rarity’s room). He called Rarity’s name and opened her door; Y’know Rarity couldn’t do anything in that moment and just sat there, looking pitiful. He checked her condition, and she just seemed very miserable and unkempt, rolled up in hundreds of covers, with ice-cream tubs laid everywhere around her.
Spike of course asked what’s wrong. Rarity hesitated her answer, but she gave up and confessed that she was pregnant with their kids. Spike asked why she didn’t tell him sooner, and she claimed that she didn’t want him to worry or stress and didn’t want to take his youth away and have to be a young father. She thought it was better for him to find someone, in his time, of age and have a family with them. At that moment, Spike was stubborn to accept her offer, and just wanted to stay by her side until everything elapsed and was taken care of. Rarity really didn’t want him too, as she thought that she and their future offspring were going to be burdens for him, but she did accept his loyalty, as she was too tired to argue with him anyway. Besides, Spike wasn’t selfish and knew that this is a problem that he has to overcome too. He wasn’t going to fault Rarity as he was the one to happily follow through with her…
To Be Continued… (though you should be able to fill in the blanks with this related content, lol XP ⬇️)
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