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safe2171222 artist:harwick305 spike92304 sunset shimmer79016 twilight sparkle357207 alicorn313438 dragon85258 pony1599352 unicorn536521 g42025901 behaving like a dog1711 belly fluff602 book43484 cute265348 dog biscuit28 ear fluff50443 eating13357 eyes closed138687 female1799144 floppy ears72816 frog (hoof)20037 glowing horn29076 hoofbutt1768 horn188795 lying down46435 magic96441 magic aura8962 male549637 mare738672 on back34152 open mouth236825 pillow25461 telekinesis38974 trio26004 twiabetes15271 twilight sparkle (alicorn)148937 underhoof68775 yearbook121


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