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She’s so happy!
Tina’s other maid ponies:  
Rainbow Dash: >>2401008  
Fluttershy: You are here  
Twilight: >>2571741  
Rarity: >>2579394  
Applejack: >>2668695  
Pinkie Pie: Soon™
safe1765648 artist:taytinabelle143 part of a set13903 fluttershy218641 pegasus314851 pony1025591 alternate hairstyle29352 apron4501 bow30343 braid6360 braided ponytail290 chest fluff41940 choker13264 clothes480993 collar34997 cute207492 cutie mark accessory542 dress46463 duster921 ear fluff32022 eyes closed99566 female1415003 fluttermaid116 green background2564 happy32493 maid6108 maid headdress512 mare509035 mouth hold18294 raised hoof49147 shoes39403 shyabetes14642 simple background414035 smiling265455 solo1105398


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Background Pony #902E
Reichsfuhrer Von Richter seems like you need help Fluttershy
You yes you do you mind helping Fluttershy yes or no?