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I think I’m getting better at this. Slowly, but it’s still progress.
I’m pretty proud of everything I’ve done this year, and I hope I can do much more in the next. Going into the future, more than anything I wish I had more drive to sit down and work, more confidence to just jump in and get to work instead of staring at a very rough sketch for days, and I wish I could get a lot faster at doing this. I have a lot of ideas of things to make in between the holiday stuff I’d like to get to, but I’ll only be able to work on them if I can make more time.
See you all in the future:
January: >>2255064  
February: >>2274705  
March: >>2299721  
April: >>2320590  
May: >>2344820  
June: >>2380311  
July: >>2391060  
August: >>2414385  
September: >>2448886  
October: >>2479210  
November: >>2496848  
December: >>2519284  
Background Image: >>2385241

suggestive190632 anonymous artist4942 angel bunny11355 apple bloom59993 applejack200377 big macintosh33585 boulder (g4)1486 cookie crumbles1341 discord37537 fluttershy258491 gentle breeze528 hondo flanks679 lord tirek6288 maud pie14954 nightmare moon20362 pinkie pie255754 posey shy1790 pound cake3037 pumpkin cake2747 queen chrysalis42156 rainbow dash279788 rarity217470 scootaloo58736 spike92376 sweetie belle56712 tank3106 trixie79528 twilight sparkle357588 oc947033 oc:apple flutter14 oc:apple sorbet15 oc:crabapple cider12 oc:late riser119 oc:pink lemonade33 oc:pink pearl apple12 oc:summer breeze329 alicorn313935 bird13728 earth pony445920 parrot718 pegasus496128 pony1601625 rabbit8944 unicorn537575 series:fm holidays348 g42027525 2020949 4th of july516 alternate hairstyle37892 angel bunny is not amused158 animal8185 animal costume3056 apple21212 apple siblings517 apple sisters1000 applejack's hat14417 apron5784 ass up3795 baby16485 baby bottle986 baby pony9287 basket4444 beach chair1305 bed57747 bedroom16841 bell6758 big macintosh (g5)3 bird costume118 bit gag1463 blanket7508 blindfold5707 blushing273892 blushing profusely3265 boots33365 bowl2406 bridal carry648 bridle4977 brother and sister6835 cake twins602 candle7010 candlelight302 candy9901 candy bar30 cannonball89 carrot2858 carrot dog95 carrying3094 celery87 chair11768 cheering1076 chocolate bar144 christmas21081 christmas lights2805 christmas wreath571 cloak6372 clothes634020 cold1186 collage2066 collar47908 colt20479 cookie5024 costume39102 couch12481 cowboy hat25694 cranberry sauce7 cravat298 crossed legs4830 crying55446 cup9039 cutie mark crusaders22366 diving board61 dress61967 drink8718 earmuffs1601 easter1998 easter basket283 easter egg1651 eddie munster2 egg5492 eyes closed138886 eyes on the prize6830 eyeshadow30052 face paint1373 facial hair10170 facing away540 fake ears394 family5717 fan1175 fanning124 father's day297 feather8626 female1801726 filly97318 fine art parody642 fire15860 fire breath998 fire light5 fireplace3941 fireworks2671 flag5635 floppy ears72940 flower39421 fluttershy (g5 concept leak)301 fluttershy riding big macintosh28 fluttershy's cottage2159 food101232 forest15607 freckles43823 freedom from want4 freezing259 g4 to g5851 g5 concept leaks1064 gag19958 garden1073 garland448 glass of water172 glasses88627 gloves30103 grass15330 gravestone1261 graveyard664 grill156 grin62946 halloween13188 halloween costume3513 happy new year1849 happy new year 202096 harness3125 hat124156 hawaiian shirt649 hearth's warming1226 hearth's warming doll61 hearts and hooves day2912 herman munster2 high res407758 holding a pony4423 holding hooves2484 holiday35233 hood2076 hoof gloves232 hoof hold12945 hoof on shoulder241 hug37584 implied bright mac85 implied pear butter97 inner tube1019 international talk like a pirate day15 intertwined tails377 jack-o-lantern3671 jacket19899 jewelry112924 leash10584 lidded eyes47970 lily munster2 lineless5592 lipstick16697 living room542 looking at each other34301 looking at something5032 looking at you259063 looking up24011 lying down46653 lying on bed2887 makeup40316 male550419 mane seven7873 mane six37595 mare740515 missing accessory10241 mother's day681 motion lines1197 moustache3941 mouth hold23741 neck nuzzle251 necklace32306 necktie11281 nervous8587 nervous smile2194 new year1281 night37796 nightmare night6141 nightmare night costume2391 no pupils5790 norman rockwell16 nose in the air1898 not what it looks like304 novelty glasses21 offspring50127 older39937 on back34204 on bed8150 one eye closed45702 onomatopoeia8265 open mouth237303 parent:big macintosh4210 parent:fluttershy6499 parents:fluttermac1880 party horn1079 pear727 pillow25495 pirate fluttershy75 pirate hat792 pomf584 ponies riding ponies2839 ponyville7842 ponyville town hall483 pool party96 present8911 pumpkin6977 pumpkin soup (food)2 raised hoof69843 redesign4603 ribbon9115 riding9158 riding crop2170 rocket1073 saint patrick's day468 scarf32119 shamrock65 shared clothing905 shared sweater6 ship:fluttermac3992 ship:shys175 shipping254029 shirt40383 shoes59356 siblings21784 sisters17951 sitting92277 sleeping29377 smear24 smiling397086 snow19646 soup619 sparkler (firework)232 spread wings94389 stallion195560 straight178964 suit9013 summary61 sunglasses21048 sweat40540 sweatdrop6835 sweater19559 sweet apple acres3891 swimming4825 swimming pool4181 swimsuit39097 table13067 tack7111 tail100477 tail bun738 tail wrap8310 talk like a pirate day24 tanning mirror72 teacup4038 teapot1488 thanksgiving528 the munsters5 tongue out147064 tooth gap336 top hat5616 trenchcoat976 turned head1935 twilight sparkle (alicorn)149060 twins3296 underhoof68916 valentine's day5262 volumetric mouth1270 wall of tags6636 water25438 wavy mouth5532 wet11656 wet mane6433 wingboner9649 wings222739 winter6363 wreath1404


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