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Happy New Year!

One day I'll manage to actually get my New Years picture out on New Years, I swear. I hope the pointy ponies style isn't too disappointing for this. I was a little burned out from my Christmas project this year and the mental scars from the entire month it took to finish last year's New Year picture are still fresh for me.

Happy 2021 everyone, here's hoping it will be better than 2020, even if that's a low bar to clear.

Here's Last Year's New Year Picture:

My first New Year's picture from two years ago:

My Chistmas picutre:

And the Advent Calendar I did for December this year!:

You can find the background I used right here:

safe1654079 anonymous artist2594 applejack165621 big macintosh27599 discord29975 fluttershy207136 pinkie pie211121 rainbow dash228067 rarity177205 spike77121 starlight glimmer47074 sunburst6445 twilight sparkle293592 oc652598 oc:late riser25 alicorn214334 draconequus10464 earth pony229615 pegasus271647 pony918561 unicorn301854 series:fm holidays139 2021169 alcohol6879 aunt and nephew149 baby10133 baby pony6360 bipedal32962 champagne349 champagne glass83 cider2509 cider dash101 colt14275 cork210 dancing8069 discord being discord282 drink4654 drunk4692 drunk bubbles343 drunker dash390 eyes closed87834 female1317730 fireworks1910 fluttermac2807 happy new year1142 happy new year 202129 high res24507 holding a pony2835 holiday19586 jug123 kissing23734 lamp2530 lampshade139 lightbulb253 male355812 mane seven6309 mane six31071 mare456338 new year1030 offspring36783 pacifier2578 parent:big macintosh2940 parent:fluttershy4508 parents:fluttermac1272 pointy ponies3310 punch (drink)200 punch bowl216 shipping193524 stallion102210 straight131371 twilight sparkle (alicorn)120790 wine2465


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