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And Happy Holdiays everyone.

And it's a padded type of day, (For a lot of the people here). Everyone is happily opening their presents or hanging out.

At the couch, we have Paddy Sparkle, Windbalde (on her lap), Shatter, Blue Blaze, Frema (On Blaze's lap), Necrow, Peppermint Lime, Rarity, Twilight Sparkle, Austin, and Chromia. At the tree, (right to left…), we have Kenny (in the Twilight onesie), Orange Glass (in the tree), Neon lightning, and Peni (the diaper critter).
And by the fire, we have Polaris Star.
And at the front, from back to front is, Kor Dust (the anthro pony, holding Luna), Small Brooke, Kransy behind the three, the Alicorn with bat wings), and Will. And then also behind them, we got Sirius Canis Major, a giant Derpy plushie, and Charming Dazz, who's being smothered by the plushie.

They're all being themselves and relaxing, well except for Polaris.
suggestive148421 artist:lynnthenerdkitty396 derpy hooves50780 princess luna100790 rarity185597 twilight sparkle306137 oc712025 oc:austin12 oc:blue blaze44 oc:charming dazz72 oc:frema5 oc:kenny22 oc:kor dust1 oc:kransy1 oc:necrow2 oc:neon lightning11 oc:orange glass4 oc:paddy sparkle37 oc:peni2 oc:peppermint lime17 oc:polaris star14 oc:shatter misty cloud158 oc:sirius canis major13 oc:will26 alicorn232921 bat pony52181 bat pony alicorn2202 dracony6965 dragon58728 human158963 hybrid20564 lamia2163 original species26585 pegasus309199 pony1010641 unicorn342350 bat wings10045 bauble144 christmas14156 christmas stocking678 christmas tree4201 chromia28 clothes476094 commission73079 commissioned art12 costume28569 diaper13838 diaper fetish10175 diaper package159 diapercritter16 eyes closed98100 fetish41708 fireplace2807 footed sleeper603 footie pajamas136 furry5401 giant plushie15 grin40937 hearth's warming878 holiday20433 horn77642 hug29140 kigurumi698 kissing25378 levitation12569 magic75394 onesie793 open mouth154420 pajamas3383 plushie24744 ponified42004 poofy diaper4582 present6099 shatter (transformers)160 smiling261003 smothering752 telekinesis28733 tongue out108285 toy train51 transformers4052 tree33523 twilight sparkle (alicorn)126199 windblade84 wings123136


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