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safe1753855 artist:brutalweather studio157 apple bloom51096 derpy hooves50815 fluttershy217562 rainbow dash238912 scootaloo51973 smarty pants1489 sweetie belle49770 twilight sparkle306548 winona2549 oc713372 oc:snowdrop1249 alicorn233400 dog9897 earth pony267293 pegasus310335 rapidash413 unicorn343640 absurd file size1268 animated101023 boots22972 candy7108 candy cane2461 christmas14160 clothes476996 cute206083 cutie mark crusaders19343 descriptive noise1455 earmuffs1212 eye shimmer1250 eyes closed98446 female1404722 filly69829 flying39510 food73158 gloves20998 glowing horn20605 happy32247 high res33133 holiday20453 horn78166 horse noises580 i can't believe it's not hasbro studios182 illuminati160 mare503590 pegasus oc13219 pokémon9420 rapidash twilight399 ribbon7271 scarf23888 shoes38844 snow14142 snowball493 snowball fight316 snowfall4513 sound9508 this will end in pain2044 this will end in tears3444 tongue out108542 tongue stuck to something frozen28 tree33632 twiabetes12292 twilight sparkle (alicorn)126327 twilight's castle4102 wall of tags3676 webm14430 when you see it633 wilhelm scream25 youtube link5180


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I think you can still create things in flash, and play them even without third party software.. just not through programs like MPC-HC  
but I tried playing the preview through Adobe animate and it works fine.. so yeah, creating them should work fine
Background Pony #3EB5
such amazing animation. its disgusting how underrated it is. especially considering what “art” has higher score than this