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Size: 1125x638 | Tagged: alicorn, animated, cat, cropped, edit, edited screencap, exuberant airdancer fluttershy, female, fluttershy, g4.5, gif, looking at you, mare, my little pony: pony life, nightmare fuel, noodle arms, official, out of character, pegasus, pony, pony life drama, safe, screencap, twilight sparkle, twilight sparkle (alicorn), woman yelling at a cat
Size: 1024x768 | Tagged: alcohol, anonymous artist, apple cider, bloodshot eyes, cider, cutie mark, drink, drunk, female, floppy ears, go home you're drunk, growing up is hard to do, incorrect wing anatomy, manic grin, mare, messy mane, mug, older, older scootaloo, out of character, pegasus, pony, raised eyebrow, raised hoof, salivating, scootaloo, semi-grimdark, shadow, simple background, solo, spill, spoiler:s09e22, teeth, the cmc's cutie marks, white background, wings
Size: 1095x1097 | Tagged: alicorn, alicorn oc, dagger eyes, gun, meme, oc, oc:nyx, oc only, out of character, realistic hand, safe, simple background, solo, suddenly hands, transparent background, weapon
Size: 1694x1627 | Tagged: abuse, artist:gradiusfanatic, bipedal, blood, child abuse, cozybuse, cozy glow, derp, out of character, pony, semi-grimdark, sunset shimmer
Size: 1451x1795 | Tagged: alternate version, angry, artist:sebtheartist, female, filly, oc, oc:filly anon, op is a duck, out of character, safe, solo, speech bubble
Size: 485x552 | Tagged: alicorn, artist:brendahickey, cursing, edit, female, filly, idw, mare, out of character, pony, princess celestia, safe, smiling, twilight sparkle, tyrant celestia, unicorn, vulgar
Size: 500x2800 | Tagged: alicorn, angry, artist:dragonfruitdarigan, comic, double chin, edit, element of kindness, faic, fanart, female, glowing horn, horn, jewelry, limited color, magic, mare, nightmare moon, onomatopoeia, out of character, pony, regalia, safe, simple background, sitting, sketch, solo, speech, speech bubble, telekinesis, to the moon, tumblr:ask queen moon, vulgar, white background, yeet
Size: 851x3271 | Tagged: amused, annoyed, annoying, artist:dziadek1990, astronomy, butt, cake, celestia is not amused, chemistry, conversation, dialogue, drinking, eating, emotes, emote story, fart, fart joke, fart noise, food, funny, laughing, mocking, not amused face, onomatopoeia, out of character, physics, plot, prank, princess celestia, princess luna, safe, slice of life, smiling, song, song parody, song reference, sound effects, spit take, surprised, tea, text, unamused, varying degrees of amusement
Size: 775x786 | Tagged: artist:virtualkidavenue, bust, cropped, edit, female, fluttershy, mare, obtrusive watermark, out of character, pony, raised eyebrow, safe, simple background, sketch, solo, speech, speech bubble, vulgar, watermark, white background
Size: 1280x720 | Tagged: abuse, background pony strikes again, clubhouse, cruel, crusaders clubhouse, downvote bait, duo, edit, edited screencap, female, filly, mare, mouthpiece, op is a duck, op is trying to start shit, out of character, pegasus, pony, rainbow dash, rainbow douche, sad, safe, scootabuse, scootaloo, screencap, spoiler:s09e12, teary eyes, the last crusade
Size: 1280x1024 | Tagged: 3d, apple bloom, artist:definitelynotme, blood, boots, bow, clothes, death, equestria girls, female, giantess, gmod, grin, hair bow, macro, micro, out of character, pants, sandbox, scootaloo, semi-grimdark, shoes, shorts, skirt, smiling, soldiers, sweetie belle, why
Size: 2764x2157 | Tagged: artist:artiks, cheek fluff, chest fluff, cute, dialogue, duo, ear fluff, equestria girls, equestria girls ponified, female, fluttershy, glasses, mare, out of character, pegasus, pony, safe, sci-twi, shyabetes, simple background, twiabetes, twilight sparkle, unicorn, unicorn sci-twi
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