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Gallery with 1080p screencaps of all 21 scenes.
Two of the screencaps were only cropped, while the rest were also resized to make all heads close to the same size.
Alternate version with only cropping.

safe2171649 edit172825 edited screencap90371 screencap295561 applejack200190 derpy hooves57463 fluttershy258263 octavia melody27590 pinkie pie255462 rainbow dash279523 rarity217294 starlight glimmer59906 twilight sparkle357273 alicorn313535 earth pony445108 pegasus495321 pony1599767 unicorn536729 a bird in the hoof886 a horse shoe-in1491 canterlot boutique1109 daring don't1165 fame and misfortune1205 father knows beast999 g42026450 horse play1063 hurricane fluttershy1232 princess twilight sparkle (episode)3039 rainbow falls1889 read it and weep830 slice of life (episode)1991 the crystal empire3354 the last roundup1328 the one where pinkie pie knows953 to where and back again3075 annoyed7242 applejack's hat14376 bandage7692 big crown thingy3158 book43485 bowing549 cello3142 compilation693 cowboy hat25637 cropped61176 crying55366 cute265401 element of magic3523 eyes closed138720 female1799662 floppy ears72834 flying54908 food101101 frazzled141 friendship journal209 glass6777 glasses88511 hat123977 jewelry112688 looking down14652 looking up23974 magic96462 mane six37549 mare739100 mouth hold23717 mud3496 musical instrument15186 prone35101 rarity's glasses920 regalia36334 sad31334 sitting92153 snout420 supercut70 twilight sparkle (alicorn)148965


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Background Pony #1D95
Wonder when the seasonwunners are gonna bust in and say “iT’s OfF mOdEl AnD bAd!!!”