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safe1600698 screencap209000 cozy glow6594 lord tirek5057 centaur2961 pegasus252202 pony869502 frenemies (episode)1497 better way to be bad127 bow25303 butt39047 clenched fist232 cloven hooves9015 colored hooves4849 curly hair615 cute183644 duo51712 evil lair222 face down ass up7405 faceplant638 female1273268 filly60780 flapping694 flying35120 foal14995 for all this pain and torture i swear you'll pay15 freckles25690 grogar's lair221 hair bow13910 horns4986 lair237 male338601 muscles10487 plot72295 silly7030 silly centaur5 singing5906 smiling221157 spread wings49007 tail bow4870 tirebetes221 tirump49 wings84318


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