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safe1614731 screencap210663 cozy glow6707 lord tirek5133 centaur3053 pegasus256962 pony882355 frenemies (episode)1510 better way to be bad128 bow25790 butt41357 clenched fist236 cloven hooves9177 colored hooves5049 curly hair621 cute186101 duo52753 evil lair228 face down ass up7548 faceplant641 female1285370 filly61562 flapping696 flying35552 foal15097 for all this pain and torture i swear you'll pay15 freckles26174 grogar's lair227 hair bow14139 horns5147 lair244 male343531 muscles10699 plot73042 silly7121 silly centaur5 singing5966 smiling224368 spread wings49608 tail bow5009 tirebetes228 tirump54 wings87509


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