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I present, Super Smash Hub!!!
Super Smash Bros. Brawl…THE HUB STYLE!
This is the full character screen after you’ve unlocked every character in the game.  
Has 36 character slots, but since some have mutliple characters at once, that brings the total to 41 characters!
Play as your favorite Hub characters from Friendship is Magic, Littlest Pet Shop, Pound Puppies, Transformers Prime, and more!
(Just a little idea that came to me while playing Brawl…)
I’m planning on making a bigger character screen with even more characters from other shows!
Editing done in GIMP.
BTW, if you want the blank Brawl character screen that I used, then follow this link.
Credit goes to ~teh-silver-wolfeh for the blank template!

safe2171850 edit172836 apple bloom59934 applejack200217 discord37525 fluttershy258301 pinkie pie255490 rainbow dash279562 rarity217314 scootaloo58705 spike92330 sugar cookie38 sweetie belle56682 twilight sparkle357314 bear2203 dog13524 draconequus20284 dragon85290 earth pony445201 gecko207 hedgehog891 human244877 mongoose81 monkey412 panda346 pegasus495429 pony1599947 skunk904 spider monkey39 unicorn536837 g42026616 alakshmi verma1 allie underhill1 arcee201 biskit twins24 blythe baxter143 brittany biskit27 bumblebee (transformers)402 cavalier king charles spaniel7 character select58 cobra commander82 cookie5022 cookie (pound puppies)11 crossover73058 cupcake6942 cutie mark crusaders22351 dan547 dan vs595 faic14882 female1799900 food101114 g.i. joe273 hub crossover11 kaijudo9 kaijudo rise of the duel masters13 littlest pet shop849 looking at you258724 lucky smarts36 male549854 mane seven7866 mane six37555 megatron638 minka mark113 niblet45 optimus prime1120 parody17462 patches mcfrisky3 penny ling121 pepper clark128 pound puppies112 ray okamoto4 ray pierce okamoto2 rebound mcleish14 russell ferguson108 smiling396581 smiling at you25129 smug9102 smug smile180 smugdash879 snake eyes232 soundwave303 squirt38 starscream402 strudel20 sunil nevla140 super secret pup club2 super smash bros.1250 super smash bros. brawl88 super smash hub1 transformers4599 transformers prime774 vinnie terrio86 whittany biskit24 zoe trent329


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Background Pony #3E46
hasbro all stars punch blast based on super smash bros cartoon network punch time explosión and nickelodeon all stars brawl
Background Pony #024B
With transformations taken out of the sequels, hopefully we can keep all the Crusaders as individuals, not kiss them goodbye like Squirtle and Ivysaur.
Background Pony #4C68
For the Kaijudo characters, they would bring out three creatures like Pokemon Trainer would.
Ray’s creatures he summons:  
1: Tatsurion the Unchained  
2: Garkago Dragon  
3: Fear Fang
1: Scaradorable of Gloom Hollow  
2: Dark Scaradorable  
3: Scaradorable the Hunter
1: Reef Prince Glu-urgle  
2: Sasha, Channeler of Light  
3: Kindrix the Psionic
Background Pony #2693
Babs Seed (mlp fim)  
effect: shoots opponents with apple seeds
King Sombra (mlp fim)  
effect: blasts the stage with dark magic, generating dark crystals (which trap opponents hit by the blasts)
Parasprites (mlp fim)  
effect: latch onto opponents as well as eat items
Sergeant Slaughter (GI joe classic)  
effect: runs around the stage melee-killing opponents
Baroness (GI joe renegades)  
effect: shoots opponents
Lugnut & Blitzwing (transformers animated)  
effect: Blitzwing bombs the stage with ice missiles and Lugnut ends with the P.O.K.E.
Knockout (transformers prime)  
effect: skids around the stage
Biskit Twins’ Security Robot (littlest pet shop)  
effect: fires off all weapons
Mr Mumbles (dan vs)  
effect: relentlessly slices opponents
Car Mech (dan vs)  
effect: punches the ground, generating shockwaves that surge through the stage