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Cherish the friends you made along the way. Let’s be happy it happened.  
Let’s believe in the magic of friendship.

safe2117993 artist:dm291691 angel bunny11158 apple bloom58884 applejack196164 discord36635 fluttershy252031 gallus8903 ocellus6696 pinkie pie250004 princess cadance38871 princess celestia110393 princess flurry heart9226 princess luna114757 rainbow dash272857 rarity212910 sandbar6727 scootaloo57824 shining armor27182 silverstream7594 smolder10979 spike90675 starlight glimmer58558 sunburst8582 sweetie belle55714 trixie78103 twilight sparkle349828 yona6347 alicorn302730 changedling11187 changeling63891 draconequus19328 dragon81292 earth pony423228 griffon35695 hippogriff13241 pegasus471460 pony1479148 rabbit8474 unicorn512576 yak6152 g41926685 angelbetes212 animal7656 chocolate4331 cider2992 clothes611676 cute257173 cutedance1551 cutie mark crusaders21978 diaocelles1210 diastreamies1360 discute1219 end of ponies807 female1739592 filly93764 flurrybetes1145 foal40277 food97257 gallabetes991 hot chocolate1588 levitation15730 magic93747 male529358 mane six36822 mare703179 marshmallow1670 pineapple586 royal sisters6393 sad30643 sandabetes820 shining adorable664 shirt38176 shocked9801 sitting88363 smolderbetes1516 stallion184083 student six2064 sunbetes376 telekinesis37811 twilight sparkle (alicorn)146035 wide eyes19579 yonadorable956


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Background Pony #FC2E
I’m guessing you didn’t add Flash Sentry because he only appeared in one brief cameo during Twilight Sparkle’s segment in “The Magic of Friendship Grows”?
Background Pony #5DD9
I’m glad they actually addressed the whole lives-growing-apart thing, because it’s been hanging over the series pretty much since the pilot.
Background Pony #64F6
I would also add Granny and Big Mac and thus you would depict all main reccuring characters who had episodes focused on them more than once.