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safe1898835 edit150100 edited screencap75946 screencap247360 angel bunny10483 applejack183548 fluttershy231449 gummy5342 ocellus5900 opalescence2222 owlowiscious2089 pinkie pie232990 rainbow dash253174 rarity197846 spike85164 tank2926 twilight sparkle324535 winona2645 alicorn260622 alligator1358 cat7335 changedling9754 changeling55501 dog11490 earth pony330083 frog793 pegasus373594 pony1246337 rabbit6621 tortoise849 unicorn411010 a matter of principals1155 :t4127 animal5803 animal jam31 anklet1220 arabian horses2 balloon11303 book37654 bootleg1499 bracelet11947 collar39062 cowboy hat20601 cropped53880 cutie pox100 female1535833 glasses73513 hat102597 heresy318 jewelry83864 lidded eyes36324 looking at you203412 male434946 mane six34459 mare577588 meme87271 pinkamena diane pie20505 pony cameo121 pony reference430 prone29417 pronking1159 raised hoof56439 reference4459 smiling308958 smirk14952 sparkles5899 species swap22617 spread wings68943 text71301 twilight sparkle (alicorn)134645 unshorn fetlocks33221 wat20352 wings158267


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The End wasn't The End - Found a new home after the great exodus of 2012

TBH nowadays hoerses are more like the Tau so I wouldn’t go calling others heretics. They are more like misguided creatures, unaware of the greater good.