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safe1902388 edit150395 edited screencap76109 screencap248130 angel bunny10491 applejack183784 fluttershy231773 gummy5346 ocellus5953 opalescence2223 owlowiscious2090 pinkie pie233253 rainbow dash253525 rarity198112 spike85291 tank2928 twilight sparkle324929 winona2645 alicorn261242 alligator1363 cat7349 changedling9810 changeling55640 dog11522 earth pony331551 frog797 pegasus375243 pony1249799 rabbit6646 tortoise850 unicorn412479 a matter of principals1155 :t4129 animal5830 animal jam31 anklet1220 arabian horses2 balloon11329 book37751 bootleg1501 bracelet12035 collar39173 cowboy hat20679 cropped54049 cutie pox100 female1539336 glasses73703 hat102856 heresy318 jewelry84319 lidded eyes36407 looking at you204184 male436115 mane six34490 mare579546 meme87351 pinkamena diane pie20534 pony cameo121 pony reference430 prone29513 pronking1159 raised hoof56601 reference4467 smiling310199 smirk14999 sparkles5945 species swap22660 spread wings69291 text71473 twilight sparkle (alicorn)134848 unshorn fetlocks33359 wat20371 wings159181


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The End wasn't The End - Found a new home after the great exodus of 2012

TBH nowadays hoerses are more like the Tau so I wouldn’t go calling others heretics. They are more like misguided creatures, unaware of the greater good.