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Bats are so sleepy in the morning, it's easy to have an oopsie.
suggestive129614 artist:atryl1993 oc608645 oc:titty sprinkles79 bat pony43152 anthro233582 anthro oc28114 bat pony oc14190 belly button68813 breasts245524 clothes414443 freckles25353 glasses55177 grope11390 off shoulder1200 panties46278 pink underwear3762 ponytail15943 self grope671 short shirt1367 simple background348887 skull underwear4 toothbrush726 toothpaste237 transparent background181062 underwear55669


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luckily it's still in a perfect line. Just use the paste on the brush then scoop up the rest with the brush.

Dame is a another word for lady. It is also how you would refer to a female knight.
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