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Bats are so sleepy in the morning, it's easy to have an oopsie.
suggestive130695 artist:atryl1994 oc615457 oc:titty sprinkles79 bat pony43791 anthro236007 anthro oc28231 bat pony oc14506 belly button69801 breasts248830 clothes418925 female1271303 freckles25633 glasses55770 grope11553 off shoulder1206 panties46628 pink underwear3780 ponytail16114 self grope699 short shirt1384 simple background353678 skull underwear4 solo990799 toothbrush732 toothpaste241 transparent background183299 underwear56203


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luckily it's still in a perfect line. Just use the paste on the brush then scoop up the rest with the brush.

Dame is a another word for lady. It is also how you would refer to a female knight.
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