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This started out as a simple little thing for Hearts and Hooves Day…last year. It was just supposed to be Cheerilee and Big Mac lost in each other’s eyes, not noticing some silly occurrences around them. But then it exploded into absurdity and the result is what you see before you. This took 11 months to finish because school and work got in the way (though I admit most of those 11 months were spent just looking at it and hating myself for drawing it). I did something like this once before and told myself I’d never do it again. So with a sigh of futility I tell myself the same thing now.
Anyway, I tried to represent as many characters and things from as many episodes that I could (i.e. Applejack represents ’Somepony to Watch Over Me’ and Carrot Top represents ’Winter Wrap-up’). It quickly got out of hand and I had to make some cuts. So if your favorite character isn’t in there it’s not because I forgot them it’s just that I ran out of space.

safe2151401 artist:philo542 aloe3099 angel bunny11259 apple bloom59531 applejack198586 babs seed6337 berry punch7449 berryshine7449 big macintosh33236 blossomforth1589 bon bon18684 boneless520 carrot cake2471 carrot top6077 cheerilee11163 cloudchaser4259 cranky doodle donkey1206 cup cake4882 daisy2940 daring do7167 derpy hooves56990 diamond tiara11734 discord37223 dj pon-332926 doctor whooves11735 fancypants2384 featherweight1372 flam2443 fleetfoot2631 fleur-de-lis4493 flim2550 flitter3372 flower wishes2940 fluttershy255763 gilda11224 golden harvest6077 granny smith6069 gummy5639 king sombra17011 lightning dust5285 lily2344 lily valley2344 little strongheart926 lotus blossom3247 lyra heartstrings33869 mare do well1074 maud pie14817 meadow flower281 minuette6818 ms. harshwhinny2698 nurse redheart4316 octavia melody27381 opalescence2364 owlowiscious2203 philomena1199 photo finish2979 pinkie pie253320 pipsqueak3174 pound cake2997 princess cadance39481 princess celestia111716 princess luna116181 pumpkin cake2709 queen chrysalis41754 rainbow dash276950 rarity215610 roseluck6097 rover1103 scootaloo58367 seabreeze578 shining armor27646 silver spoon7472 smarty pants1566 snails5753 snips4579 soarin'17335 spike91685 spitfire15593 steven magnet617 sweetie belle56277 sweetie drops18684 tank3094 that friggen eagle76 thunderlane4871 time turner11735 trenderhoof972 trixie78900 twilight sparkle354304 twist3123 vinyl scratch32926 winona2790 writing desk193 zecora11034 zippoorwhill434 alicorn309488 alligator1733 bird13530 bison921 breezie2792 buffalo1064 cat8760 changeling64976 changeling queen23534 cockatrice602 diamond dog4065 dog13398 donkey2658 draconequus19967 dragon84037 eagle425 earth pony436581 griffon36258 hydra558 owl1693 pegasus486699 phoenix2051 pony1579277 rabbit8670 sea serpent246 spider2366 star spider99 unicorn527420 zebra23485 g42004453 absurd resolution66982 abuse9370 alicorn amulet2176 animal7909 apple20951 apple cider463 apple pie380 baby16361 baby pony9238 bon bon is not amused1140 book42887 boots32829 card3323 cheating180 cheerleader3558 chest819 clothes624195 colt20268 crack shipping4258 crossdressing12073 crystal express26 female1777795 filly95951 fireproof boots293 flim flam brothers1440 food99773 friendship express644 gildalane40 hot air balloon1192 male541889 mane six37284 mare726557 multiple heads2021 mustang117 noogie311 picnic1740 pie4175 poison joke965 poker442 ponyville7728 rainbow crash382 rubber chicken282 scepter1417 scootachicken1058 ship:cheerimac854 ship:winopal5 shipping250791 shoes58132 stallion191151 straight176128 that pony sure does love books1346 tiarabuse266 traditional art141520 twilight scepter2148 twilight sparkle (alicorn)147849 unamused23700 uniform16209 wagon1310 wall of tags6393 want it need it218 wheel625 wimmelbilder48 wonderbolt trainee uniform1375


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I find it funny how Pound Cake and Pumpkin Cake are the only ones here who are sane in this picture, and Pound is all: “What’s with these ponies?”

Fleetfoot observing Big Mac is probably reference to the comics. And of course the immortal Scootaloo the chicken meme.