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This started out as a simple little thing for Hearts and Hooves Day…last year. It was just supposed to be Cheerilee and Big Mac lost in each other’s eyes, not noticing some silly occurrences around them. But then it exploded into absurdity and the result is what you see before you. This took 11 months to finish because school and work got in the way (though I admit most of those 11 months were spent just looking at it and hating myself for drawing it). I did something like this once before and told myself I’d never do it again. So with a sigh of futility I tell myself the same thing now.
Anyway, I tried to represent as many characters and things from as many episodes that I could (i.e. Applejack represents ’Somepony to Watch Over Me’ and Carrot Top represents ’Winter Wrap-up’). It quickly got out of hand and I had to make some cuts. So if your favorite character isn’t in there it’s not because I forgot them it’s just that I ran out of space.

safe2155180 artist:philo542 aloe3100 angel bunny11267 apple bloom59613 applejack198843 babs seed6340 berry punch7452 berryshine7452 big macintosh33312 blossomforth1593 bon bon18702 boneless520 carrot cake2478 carrot top6094 cheerilee11178 cloudchaser4266 cranky doodle donkey1207 cup cake4894 daisy2945 daring do7179 derpy hooves57074 diamond tiara11745 discord37299 dj pon-332968 doctor whooves11751 fancypants2387 featherweight1373 flam2449 fleetfoot2632 fleur-de-lis4515 flim2556 flitter3373 flower wishes2945 fluttershy256175 gilda11241 golden harvest6094 granny smith6074 gummy5645 king sombra17045 lightning dust5289 lily2347 lily valley2347 little strongheart926 lotus blossom3248 lyra heartstrings33901 mare do well1090 maud pie14845 meadow flower282 minuette6822 ms. harshwhinny2698 nurse redheart4325 octavia melody27413 opalescence2367 owlowiscious2206 philomena1200 photo finish2983 pinkie pie253713 pipsqueak3177 pound cake3012 princess cadance39547 princess celestia111864 princess luna116303 pumpkin cake2722 queen chrysalis41820 rainbow dash277443 rarity215908 roseluck6109 rover1105 scootaloo58450 seabreeze578 shining armor27698 silver spoon7481 smarty pants1567 snails5760 snips4586 soarin'17401 spike91864 spitfire15602 steven magnet619 sweetie belle56363 sweetie drops18702 tank3097 that friggen eagle76 thunderlane4874 time turner11751 trenderhoof972 trixie78978 twilight sparkle354831 twist3124 vinyl scratch32968 winona2791 writing desk195 zecora11054 zippoorwhill437 alicorn310276 alligator1737 bird13558 bison922 breezie2820 buffalo1064 cat8789 changeling65152 changeling queen23596 cockatrice602 diamond dog4070 dog13426 donkey2662 draconequus20042 dragon84305 eagle425 earth pony438209 griffon36328 hydra558 owl1699 pegasus488296 phoenix2052 pony1583140 rabbit8685 sea serpent249 spider2373 star spider100 unicorn529196 zebra23545 g42007812 absurd resolution67087 abuse9387 alicorn amulet2178 animal7925 apple20988 apple cider464 apple pie380 baby16396 baby pony9264 bon bon is not amused1140 book42996 boots32912 card3329 cheating181 cheerleader3562 chest821 clothes625941 colt20336 crack shipping4262 crossdressing12091 crystal express26 female1781954 filly96267 fireproof boots293 flim flam brothers1445 food100023 friendship express645 gildalane40 hot air balloon1196 male543386 mane six37338 mare728746 multiple heads2024 mustang117 noogie311 picnic1744 pie4179 poison joke966 poker443 ponyville7749 rainbow crash382 rubber chicken283 scepter1420 scootachicken1059 ship:cheerimac856 ship:winopal5 shipping251362 shoes58359 stallion191846 straight176748 that pony sure does love books1348 tiarabuse266 traditional art141737 twilight scepter2149 twilight sparkle (alicorn)148092 unamused23757 uniform16267 wagon1312 wall of tags6424 want it need it219 wheel625 wimmelbilder48 wonderbolt trainee uniform1377


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I find it funny how Pound Cake and Pumpkin Cake are the only ones here who are sane in this picture, and Pound is all: “What’s with these ponies?”

Fleetfoot observing Big Mac is probably reference to the comics. And of course the immortal Scootaloo the chicken meme.