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safe2153054 artist:harwick305 spike91734 twilight sparkle354503 dragon84134 pony1580961 unicorn528127 g42006129 book42937 chocolate4542 cute263025 duo164111 female1779660 fire15631 fireplace3921 food99882 golden oaks library6560 hot chocolate1699 male542496 mama twilight1198 mare727412 mug6220 sitting90679 sleeping29043 spikabetes2650 twiabetes15176 unicorn twilight32361


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Artist’s description from DA:
Another free-for-all nostalgia piece as we close in on the final episode (and as I advertise this page). Just trying to capture that feeling of simple warmth that I associate with the earliest seasons of the show through lighting, texture, and the interactions of the characters.
I’ll never fully get over the loss of the Tree Library… It was by far my favorite set of the show, both from the fun design and what it said about Twilight by choosing it for her living space. (I did have to double check that it did in fact have a fireplace… it seems like a hazard to have inside a living tree filled with paper books, but I suppose no more so than having one inside a log cabin. Not sure where the stone ends and the wood begins with the show’s design, however.)
If there’s a hindsight lesson that I’d hope they would take with them into the next generation of the show, it’d be that they shouldn’t be in a hurry to go big and modern wit the world… There’s so much charm in the simple town of the early seasons, where much of the Equestria was yet to be mapped out and Ponyville had more of a medieval hamlet feel than a modern town.
And if they must give the lead character a palace, make sure that it has character and a lot of life in it. The big, hollow castle they gave Twilight never fit her as well as the quaint little nook of a library that she started in.