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semi-grimdark30967 suggestive151620 artist:vavacung2389 spike81598 sweetie belle50260 dragon60484 pony1087058 robot8283 robot pony3905 comic:my life as a short dragon107 blood25870 comic113550 death5576 dock53594 ed-20913 electrocardiogram162 exclamation point4110 female1434060 interrobang1022 machine1237 male399746 nosebleed2457 older28565 older sweetie belle2552 outlet41 question mark4863 sweetie bot1349 terminator306 usb88 usb port12


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Complete fool for pegas
All they have to do to defeat Ed-209 is go up or down a single flight of stairs. xD
Sweetie uses almost as much wattage as a TGV! xD