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safe1752684 artist:ohemo208 princess celestia96838 princess luna100847 alicorn233218 pony1012459 alternate hairstyle29116 bath2989 bathing1016 bathing together84 bubble5754 bubble bath375 cute205940 cutelestia3677 daaaaaaaaaaaw4697 duo64927 ear fluff31291 eyes closed98329 female1403753 frog (hoof)13901 glowing horn20575 human shoulders944 levitation12590 lunabetes3639 magic75490 magic aura4672 mare503145 multicolored mane1694 ponytail18907 royal sisters4610 rubber duck553 shampoo318 sibling love458 siblings9551 sisterly love391 sisters9369 smiling261689 sweet dreams fuel1670 telekinesis28786 underhoof53817 unsure306


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