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Colored version of the lovely Duragan's pic >>1962488 :3 <3
Sequel to his previous picture : >>1895783

The original picture belongs to Duragan, not me.
Original description:
"A commission for tailbate in which our favourite MLP Kirin Autumn Blaze is stuck in her house trying to get out. Based off her song in which she left her house but had to leave her couch since it was hard to move. Only this time, she found herself hard to move. XD


During all the period where she was forced to silence, Autumn Blaze tried to forget her boredom with many thing, including with eating. And eating… and eating, and eating, and eating…
And by dint of eating too much, what had to happen happened: she gained weight and became very very fat, until she become obese.
After she get her voice back, she is forced to leave her village, but now that she is big like a balloon, she has hard time to walk through the door and has ended stuck. XD Her friends should help her getting out or she couldn't leave.

Pushing and trying to force herself forward, but to no avail "Hhhnnnngg!! Maybe I shouldn't have kill my boredom by eating so much!…"

Panting heavily "When I'll be leave… I should probably go on a diet…"

I worked on this colored version since February 24th, but it's finally done. X3 I hope you'll like it.
safe (1525139) artist:duragan (122) artist:steampunk-brony (64) color edit (6773) edit (110851) autumn blaze (3034) kirin (6057) sounds of silence (3191) adorafatty (282) autumn blob (10) belly (22949) big belly (7761) blazebutt (40) bottom heavy (615) butt (20950) colored (16889) cup (5218) cute (167724) door (3408) eyes closed (75848) fat (19037) female (849992) flower (20709) gritted teeth (9870) house (1598) huge ass (7323) huge belly (1605) impossibly fat mare (33) impossibly large ass (5909) impossibly large belly (8433) large ass (11532) large belly (738) lip bite (9940) morbidly obese (6498) need to go on a diet (89) need to lose weight (92) obese (9675) plewds (112) plot (69242) rose (3305) rug (517) solo (938816) struggling (785) stuck (2188) table (7788) teacup (2453) too fat (84) too fat to fit (63) too fat to get through (44) vase (426) wide hips (13066)


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Steamy the Brony
Artist -

@Wheatley R.H.
@Steamy the Brony
i read the description there they explain what happened to her

:) remeber read description

1st-I drawn and uploaded this pic on and Derpibooru, so I wrote the desc, I know prefectly what it says.

2nd-The description of @Duragan pic and the one of my color edit explain how and why she is obese but not how enter in her house in first place. Because THIS >>1895783 happened before this >>2036715, so (obese) Autumn was out of her house (we see it with the cliffhanger pic >>1895783) and then enter in her house before trying to get out again and got stuck (while being obese).

Part 1 >>1895783 (Reinterpretation of the moment when she falls from a cliff and land up in the flowers that cure the steam of silence)
Part 2 >>2036715 (Reinterpretation of the moment when she is forced to leave because she can talk again, but her couch is stuck in her door only this time, Autumn herself is stuck)

@Sky Blazer
There is a sequel to this were autumn is hanging off a cliff due to how she is, so I guess she got even bigger!

Also just imagine the crater made by her if she falls. Nothing but a booty/fat rear shaped crater! XD

In Treue fest
Here we see the real reason Autumn kept her voice. If you can't speak, you can't ask for help when you're stuck in the door.