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Yeah, like something along the lines of Amon Amarth or Havamal. You know, bands that have that have those deep, growling vocals but at the same time have those powerful melodic riffs.
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Does anyone else besides me think that Yak culture is more akin to Viking culture? I only ask this because I’ve been watching Amon Amarth’s Raven’s Flight video on YouTube a couple of times (I dig it myself). But it depicts berserker warriors taking on a bunch of enemy soldiers, but as I watched the video I got to thinking, what if Yakyakistanis had tales of such warriors themselves? I mean if you can look past the "kid-freindly" depiction and take notice as to how they actually live. Frigid, cold and harsh environment, quick to anger, love smashing things… I’m probably overthinking it, but I could see a yak viking metal band in Equestria.
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