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Royal Interview
We all know what she ACTUALLY wanted to say to this (ᅌʊᅌ✿)
safe1675738 artist:stepandy385 discord30385 princess celestia93773 princess luna97911 alicorn218570 draconequus10985 pony938505 the beginning of the end2124 bedroom eyes57977 blushing192510 chest fluff37489 clothes448621 confused4628 crown16212 dislestia1443 ear fluff28155 ethereal mane7590 eyebrows2880 eyeshadow15045 female1335822 fluffy13910 hat84355 heart47064 jewelry60651 lidded eyes29813 lightly watermarked244 looking at each other19361 makeup20661 male362524 mare466115 neck fluff727 notebook557 notepad494 pencil3541 press hat4 raised eyebrow6482 regalia19040 reporter68 romance761 scene interpretation8406 shipping196181 shocked6710 smiling240241 smirk12149 sparkles4285 speech bubble22480 starry mane3932 straight133415 sweat25528 sweatdrop3066 trio8749 watermark15617 wide eyes16805 wing fluff1582


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I still stand by the fact that this is an incredible ship pic. Never become discouraged, Stepanda. Never.
Derpy Whooves
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Looking For My Doctor
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Hey mods, are you able to actually vanish all these deleted comments? Because seeing so many is a little disheartening