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Royal Interview
We all know what she ACTUALLY wanted to say to this (ᅌʊᅌ✿)
safe1681408 artist:stepandy385 discord30526 princess celestia93972 princess luna98143 alicorn219704 draconequus11132 pony943510 the beginning of the end2125 bedroom eyes58196 blushing193349 chest fluff37761 clothes450522 confused4644 crown16296 dislestia1444 ear fluff28423 ethereal mane7660 eyebrows2902 eyeshadow15120 female1340609 fluffy13952 hat84768 heart47310 jewelry61275 lidded eyes29924 lightly watermarked244 looking at each other19517 makeup20759 male364346 mare468701 neck fluff731 notebook560 notepad497 pencil3562 press hat4 raised eyebrow6496 regalia19168 reporter68 romance764 scene interpretation8424 shipping196942 shocked6766 smiling241491 smirk12190 sparkles4327 speech bubble22658 starry mane3964 straight133913 sweat25682 sweatdrop3089 trio8819 watermark15705 wide eyes16844 wing fluff1589


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I still stand by the fact that this is an incredible ship pic. Never become discouraged, Stepanda. Never.
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Looking For My Doctor
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Hey mods, are you able to actually vanish all these deleted comments? Because seeing so many is a little disheartening