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Grogar's Orb is Arimaspi's Eye? Could it be?
safe1679558 artist:supra80441 edit129634 edited screencap63441 screencap218862 arimaspi88 grogar1093 king guto26 griffon26492 the beginning of the end2125 the lost treasure of griffonstone1067 arimaspi skull17 cloven hooves9847 crystal ball519 dead4100 grogar's orb191 male363597 ram644 skull2968 speculation301 you know for kids484


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rubber Ball
Shadow of War sounds familiar is it a video game or something and it could very well be that other things I maybe when it fell into the Ravine it died on impact sometime later groger stole the eye because of its magical properties
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My Little Pony - 1992 Edition
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EAW Panzerfuchs

Gusty the Great.

Seen in Princess Celestia's flashback in My Little Pony Micro-Series Issue #8. Mentioned in A Flurry of Emotions as a character in the story Gusty the Great. She and her unicorn warriors wanted to be the first unicorns to reach Cloudsdale on foot (via the top of a mountain), but Grogar stood in their way. They combined their powers to tie him up, but he could break free. There is no more information. It looks like Gusty was successful after all. I admit, however, that I have not read the Micro series.
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Young Leosword
Goats from Hell all have the same eyes. Like it could be from another Arimaspi or another goat momster altogether. Eh, I dunno, maybe. X3