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Size: 1280x720 | Tagged: cozy glow, crown, edit, four horsemen of the apocalypse, grogar, horseman of conquest, horseman of death, horseman of famine, horseman of war, jewelry, king sombra, legion of doom, lord tirek, queen chrysalis, regalia, safe, school raze, screencap, spoiler:s09e02, text, the beginning of the end, the crystal empire, the mean 6, twilight's kingdom
Size: 800x450 | Tagged: discord, edit, edited screencap, equestria girls, equestria girls series, female, glasses, grogar, leak, princess celestia, principal celestia, safe, sci-twi, screencap, spoiler:choose your own ending (season 2), spoiler:eqg series (season 2), spoiler:s09e24, spoiler:s09e25, the ending of the end, the road less scheduled, the road less scheduled: celestia, twilight sparkle
Size: 1280x1719 | Tagged: artist:chocolatepenado, black background, cozy glow, ear fluff, evil grin, glowing eyes, grin, grogar, group shot, legion of doom, lord tirek, queen chrysalis, safe, season 9, signature, simple background, smiling, spoiler:s09
Size: 1600x800 | Tagged: bell, grogar, leak, magic, safe, spoiler:s09e24, spoiler:s09e25, the ending of the end, theory
Size: 412x290 | Tagged: caption, cozy glow, cropped, duo, edit, edited screencap, evil lair, filly, flying, goat, grogar, grogar's lair, image macro, lair, pegasus, ram, safe, screencap, spoiler:s09e17, stare, text, the summer sun setback
Size: 616x1080 | Tagged: animated, cozy glow, doc harris, grogar, human, instagram, irl, irl human, lord tirek, penn and teller, photo, safe, season 9, sound, spoiler:s09, webm
Size: 2172x1219 | Tagged: 1000 hours in ms paint, alicorn, and i am iron man, artist:cloudyglow, artist:jawsandgumballfan24, avengers: endgame, centaur, changeling, changeling queen, crystal empire, destruction, female, grogar, harmony gauntlet, lord tirek, pony, queen chrysalis, ram, safe, spoiler for another series, twilight sparkle, twilight sparkle (alicorn)
Size: 2000x2922 | Tagged: artist:tsitra360, crossover, curved horn, dragon, duo, gem, grogar, horn, male, ram, safe, simple background, spyro the dragon, sunglasses, surprised, white background, wings
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