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Saturday morning cartoons

safe2175776 artist:dstears737 princess celestia112755 radiance942 smarty pants1573 spike92443 starlight glimmer60031 twilight sparkle358034 alicorn314757 dragon85472 pony1604039 unicorn538599 g42030494 baby16516 baby dragon4358 bear suit9 bowl2408 box6391 cereal706 cereal box111 clothes635112 costume39142 couch12502 cup9048 cute265947 cutie mark51439 donut3001 drink8756 family5726 female1804307 food101383 gem10604 glimmerbetes4788 kigurumi912 male551317 mask10149 open mouth237841 pajamas4149 plate2752 plushie30949 power ponies3258 prone35251 rarity plushie237 saturday morning cartoon5 shirt40493 shorts19651 smiling397863 spikabetes2663 tea3694 teacup4043 television3391 trio26223 twiabetes15308 twilight sparkle (alicorn)149526 watching1923


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@Goddess Erosia  
That’s one that seems to differ depending on who you ask. I’ve seen onesie refer to everything from basically rompers to footie pjs  
I’d call what she’s got on footie pajamas, specifically teddy bear ones (and I want one like it, mittened ones aren’t easy to find)
Non-Fungible Trixie -

personal title?
Never knew how much I was missing out on until I saw Twilight in a onesie.  
Starlight in casual clothes is p cute, too.
Goddess Erosia

bow before me owo
That would be cute, honestly. I can imagine that’d be like when actors see their widdle bebes experience their films/shows. Twilight being the mommah of course. Though her twibetes costume doesn’t quite suggest the mommah role as much.
Just think though - imagine she was the lead actor in that cartoon within a cartoon and bebe spike was obsessed with it.
Goddess Erosia

bow before me owo
I know Twilight is adorable here, but honestly, Glimmer in regular clothes seems strangely adorable too….