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Luna: “I don’t know… Might be worth it.”
safe (1375789)artist:silfoe (1480)princess luna (85747)twilight sparkle (250623)royal sketchbook (613)alicorn (152759)description is relevant (579)dialogue (46631)female (708979)grayscale (30389)lesbian (77293)mare (310431)monochrome (131439)pony (648928)raised hoof (30031)reversalmushroom (73)shipping (156318)simple background (277018)speech bubble (15280)this will end in sleeping on the couch (2)twilight is not amused (868)twilight sparkle (alicorn) (96762)twiluna (1506)unamused (10369)white background (68295)


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Was this before or after adopting Petrus? Cause I think that means he has to call Luna Grandma as well…. maybe I’m just overthinking things… just a bit.
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Word Bug
Twilight, by ceding the couch to Luna forever you give up all ownership rights to Fort Book and other such couch-fort constructions. Do you really wish to do this? Really?
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