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Ponies getting pied by Pinkie Pie for pi day
safe (1459149)artist:plunger (168)apple bloom (44396)applejack (150500)berry punch (5858)berryshine (5851)bon bon (14851)derpy hooves (46377)limestone pie (4406)lyra heartstrings (26482)marble pie (5676)pinkie pie (192262)roseluck (4390)sweetie drops (14825)earth pony (158104)pegasus (198098)pony (724369)unicorn (215633)4chan (5523)bon bon is not amused (940)drawthread (1441)female (786184)flag (3110)food (53064)lazy background (4)mare (351314)massacre (40)/mlp/ (8118)party cannon (1587)pi (134)pi day (98)pie (2766)unamused (11676)


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6 comments posted
Background Pony #38A0
It’s nice to see other ponies getting splated by cakes, because well they’re stupid
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