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Ponies getting pied by Pinkie Pie for pi day
safe1616381 artist:plunger201 apple bloom47526 applejack162667 berry punch6226 berryshine6218 bon bon15679 derpy hooves48653 limestone pie4743 lyra heartstrings28427 marble pie6170 pinkie pie207546 roseluck4816 sweetie drops15680 earth pony216195 pegasus257527 pony884222 unicorn285517 /mlp/9274 4chan6632 bon bon is not amused1014 drawthread2291 female1286663 flag3552 food64332 lazy background10 mare439718 massacre43 party cannon1701 pi150 pi day107 pie3118 unamused14638


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Background Pony #3749
It's nice to see other ponies getting splated by cakes, because well they're stupid