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safe1585610 artist:stevetwisp208 gallus5883 ocellus4597 sandbar4688 silverstream5323 smolder6725 yona4505 changedling7348 changeling40686 dragon48752 griffon25017 hippogriff8397 pony853161 yak3886 absurd resolution64067 annoyed5100 bedroom eyes52195 blushing177466 book30849 comic102111 crossed arms4256 cuddling7861 cute180129 embarrassed10179 eyes closed81012 female907502 flying34589 grin33303 happy27902 heart43533 heartwarming638 helping121 hug25621 leaning3194 looking at each other16754 male308498 no dialogue86 pointing3714 reading5895 scroll3152 sharing109 shipping fuel1427 simple background348364 sitting55631 sleeping21857 smiling217623 speech bubble20712 student six1436 surprised8154 sweat23259 text51681 thought bubble3023 white background88125 zzz2249


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Background Pony #2B11
am I the only one who's reminded of Caboose's guide to making friends (from Red Vs. Blue)?