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safe1765462 edit137517 edited screencap68548 editor:lolledits33 screencap230808 twilight sparkle307818 alicorn235352 pony1025437 the cutie map4167 :p9683 :t3893 adorkable3605 animated101668 behaving like a bird640 blep edit15 cropped51047 cute207464 daaaaaaaaaaaw4758 dork3887 feather ruffle9 female1414808 gif32532 hnnng2492 looking up17332 mare508945 nervous5943 puffy cheeks4012 raspberry1049 ruffling wings8 silly7588 silly pony3050 smiling265408 solo1105255 spittle117 tongue out109598 twiabetes12336 twilight sparkle (alicorn)126884 weapons-grade cute3792 wing fluff1722 wing twitch27 wings125931


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