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safe (1425988)edit (97738)edited screencap (44126)editor:lolledits (26)screencap (173959)twilight sparkle (259780)alicorn (162774)pony (694155)the cutie map (3603)adorkable (2460)animated (84559)behaving like a bird (499)blep edit (13)cute (147980)daaaaaaaaaaaw (2567)dork (2654)feather ruffle (6)female (757781)gif (23894)hnnng (2046)looking up (11840)mare (333946)nervous (4354):p (5804)puffy cheeks (3143)raspberry (786)ruffling wings (6)silly (6429)smiling (182666)solo (874195)spittle (61):t (3300)tongue out (75588)twiabetes (8019)twilight sparkle (alicorn) (101637)weapons-grade cute (2700)wings (52692)

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