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safe1583483 edit119326 edited screencap57128 editor:lolledits32 screencap205682 twilight sparkle283361 alicorn198954 pony854129 the cutie map4003 :p7339 :t3584 adorkable3209 animated92756 behaving like a bird555 blep edit15 cropped45327 cute180566 daaaaaaaaaaaw3212 dork3461 feather ruffle8 female1179762 gif28221 hnnng2291 looking up14211 mare425630 nervous5082 puffy cheeks3557 raspberry905 ruffling wings7 silly6988 silly pony2833 smiling217478 solo980366 spittle97 tongue out91490 twiabetes10419 twilight sparkle (alicorn)115985 weapons-grade cute3279 wing fluff1450 wing twitch24 wings80693


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