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safe1705810 edit132453 edited screencap65159 editor:lolledits32 screencap222132 twilight sparkle300270 alicorn224334 pony966989 the cutie map4148 :p8893 :t3785 adorkable3530 animated98606 behaving like a bird619 blep edit15 cropped49285 cute199696 daaaaaaaaaaaw3876 dork3801 feather ruffle9 female1362472 gif31033 hnnng2432 looking up16466 mare480220 nervous5689 puffy cheeks3865 raspberry1015 ruffling wings7 silly7451 silly pony2996 smiling248287 solo1063769 spittle115 tongue out103887 twiabetes11740 twilight sparkle (alicorn)123634 weapons-grade cute3689 wing fluff1627 wing twitch27 wings107277


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