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hola a pasado mucho tiempo y borracheras XD les traigo este dibujo de mi OC batlatolla completamente ebria quería darle un aspecto mio y pues así quedo espero les guste estaré trayendo otro dibujo de FOE pronto
PD: ustedes no beban

November 26, 2016
safe (1374069)artist:ruiont (60)oc (499782)oc:batlatoya (22)oc only (351956)blushing (146838)bottle (2826)cutie mark (31171)drunk (3915)eyes closed (64012)female (707475)hooves (13647)mare (309677)pegasus (172007)pony (646777)solo (845064)spanish (3756)translated in the comments (2147)wings (47391)


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hello I spent a lot of time and drunken. XD I bring you this drawing of my OC batlatolla completely drunk, I wanted to give it a look of mine and so I hope you like it I will be bringing another drawing of FOE soon
PD: do not drink you guys

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