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suggestive150119 artist:fishimira336 princess celestia97284 twilight sparkle308304 alicorn235941 pony1028569 3d81869 animated101851 blushing207192 crown18244 eyes closed99853 eyes rolling back2508 female1417522 french kiss1999 gif32627 horseshoes2305 jewelry70350 kissing25632 lesbian100042 lidded eyes32253 making out665 mare510418 on back25307 peytral3858 regalia21547 shipping207513 source filmmaker49202 twilestia2560


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Twi’s Engineer Hubby
Holy Luna, this made my dick explode. I can’t believe I missed this. 0.0 my word the intensity of this make out session. :3
Background Pony #502C
Unlikely in this case, the Celestia model is different from normal sized pones so the artist would have to reanimate the Celestia part entirely