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Crystal ponies not included, for the sake of brevity.

Vectors used: >>1859404 >>1398835 >>988068 >>1626150 >>1372649.
safe1638404 artist:andoanimalia735 artist:gurugrendo82 artist:jeatz-axl586 artist:osipush398 artist:parclytaxel1289 artist:vectorshy49 artist:zutheskunk edits252 edit125628 applejack164491 pinkie pie209825 princess celestia92276 rainbow dash226470 rarity175858 alicorn210905 earth pony223759 pegasus265630 pony904089 unicorn295042 all pony races32 applebucking520 bookman old style1 breaking the laws of physics5 caption20510 comparison4214 comparison chart204 cowboy hat14369 diamond695 eyes closed86137 female1304288 fire ruby675 floating3754 flowing mane1093 flying36146 gem5730 glasses58228 gritted teeth11177 hat81690 image macro36559 looking down7859 magic69691 mare449273 meme80206 needle676 pinkie being pinkie1173 pinkie physics424 pinkiecopter70 raised hoof42020 raised leg7262 ruby361 simple background370424 smiling230001 spread wings50762 stetson4917 tailcopter69 telekinesis26202 text54990 thread851 wall of tags2805 white background91860 wings92805


not provided yet


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