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safe1863351 artist:fishimira355 pinkie pie229769 rarity195089 earth pony314058 pony1207798 unicorn394710 3d91450 :<1215 animated106574 ball4638 behaving like a cat2428 behaving like a dog1481 blinking4306 boop8100 chase909 crashing46 cute220602 diapinkes10989 eyes closed109274 eyeshadow19330 female1502773 frown26024 gif35654 licking22551 licking lips4762 lidded eyes35290 makeup26878 mare558060 mlem998 open mouth176429 perfect loop1705 pinkie being pinkie1439 ponk1149 puppy pie148 raribetes6033 raricat332 running6599 silly7864 silly pony3134 sitting72037 source filmmaker53968 surprised10405 tongue out118546 underhoof57912 wide eyes18113 yawn1510


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Background Pony #2E8E
Rarity: The pampered lap dog that doesn’t play.  
Pinkie Pie: The dog that chases the mailman and drinks from the toilet.
Background Pony #999A
D’aaaawwwwww, so cute 😘😍🥰❤️🧡💛💚💙💜🐈🐕🐾‼️
Background Pony #29B2
There’s a frame or two where it looks like maybe Pinkie is going through the floor. It’s hard to tell what happens.