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Commission done by Trees for me on the story.  
We also play Fallout: Equestria Pen and Paper with the Developers - live on youtube on Wednesday.
Anyway this is the group picture from the story for the characters that have lasted the longest so far; so many dead ponies.

safe2175068 artist:lostinthetrees246 oc947862 oc only688306 oc:alguacil9 oc:chifundo74 oc:nyota72 oc:quick stitch10 oc:wandering sunrise156 earth pony446627 griffon36736 hybrid31282 pony1603233 unicorn538298 zebra23784 zony1671 fallout equestria22941 fallout equestria: dead tree239 blushing274272 box6387 box pone3 camp112 campfire1562 clothes634814 colored hooves12319 cutie mark51428 fallout4693 fanfic11388 fanfic art18637 female1803567 femboy13732 fiaura27 fire15877 glyph59 group7978 gun20765 hat124297 hoof fluff3267 hooves26007 horn190897 jumpsuit5584 lying down46794 male551083 mare741524 night37857 night sky2894 nyorise16 open mouth237717 pipbuck4367 prone35229 ruins1627 shaman140 shotgun1911 sitting92420 sky23171 stallion195802 stars23427 stripes2405 talking10802 vault suit4373 wandering sunrise48 weapon41265 wings223147 zebra oc5595


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Hey! I’ve been looking for this on here! I’m the guy who got the signed print of this at Ciderfest 2018!