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safe2176290 artist:the-butch-x1672 applejack200693 fluttershy258884 pinkie pie256082 rainbow dash280168 rarity217715 sci-twi31379 spike92463 spike the regular dog3211 starlight glimmer60047 sunset shimmer79236 twilight sparkle358113 dog13561 equestria girls256166 equestria girls series40591 equestria girls specials6321 g42031027 mirror magic2932 applejack's hat14491 arm behind head10169 barrette458 beanie4886 belt9412 blushing274538 boots33475 bracelet15675 breasts391592 busty applejack14030 busty fluttershy23972 busty pinkie pie14411 busty rainbow dash11259 busty rarity17640 busty sci-twi1381 busty starlight glimmer3425 busty sunset shimmer8198 clothes635354 collar48000 converse7223 cowboy hat25784 cute266038 cutie mark on clothes5963 denim skirt2254 diapinkes12617 dress62112 eyeshadow30179 female1804829 freckles44023 geode of empathy3868 geode of fauna2453 geode of shielding2863 geode of sugar bombs2588 geode of super speed3083 geode of super strength2845 geode of telekinesis3455 glasses88841 grin63055 hair tie1673 hairclip1854 hairpin3684 hand on waist158 hands behind back1945 hat124406 heart76639 high heel boots8627 high heels17237 high res407917 hoodie20653 humane five5755 humane six5301 jacket19971 jewelry113327 leather3261 leather jacket5319 looking at you259699 magical geodes11636 makeup40481 nervous8609 open mouth237954 pants22440 pantyhose4213 peace sign4764 platform shoes282 ponytail27197 poofy shoulders173 pose8588 raised eyebrow9922 raised leg11905 raribetes7020 ripped pants945 sandals5682 shirt40526 shoes59554 simple background597352 skirt55638 smiling398027 sneakers6477 socks95677 standing25112 stetson5864 stockings48608 sweat40646 tank top10915 thigh highs59730 tights815 vest5941 wall of tags6674 watch1903 waving4274 white background162270 wristwatch724


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Background Pony #B626
Rarity, Applejack and Sunset are my favorites!
I love Sassy Applejack!