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Woah! I spent quite some time on this one. It was a great experience. Animating is magic!

I will soon make an YCH animation, auction. It’ll be of about this quality. Don’t miss the opportunity then C:
explicit337673 artist:mercurial64367 starlight glimmer47074 pony918562 unicorn301854 animated95932 balls72271 blowjob30631 deepthroat5135 disembodied penis7786 female1317731 female focus6129 gif29640 horsecock65190 male355813 mare456339 medial ring4894 nudity355288 oral46902 penis146717 pink horsecock1134 sex115582 simple background375915 solo focus16209 straight131371 throat bulge3504


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Horse Pussy <3
some more moment improvement should be great and some more perhaps shading to it but remember it is not bad just giving some improvement advice
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Memory Leak
I have done very little animation because it's so hard ;3; I feel like it would be nice to actually learn how to do it property. I didn't even know about motion points…

Loving that smooth animation.

Is this still on WIP or is it finished? Either way I'm amazed for this result.