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safe1900437 artist:evehly823 princess celestia102385 princess luna106542 alicorn260878 pony1248008 alarm clock470 behaving like a bird673 behaving like a chicken58 behaving like a rooster44 blue hair1320 blue mane1896 clock2198 comic119816 crown22839 dawn380 eyebrows13068 faic13329 female1537301 glowing horn23717 hilarious in hindsight3417 hoof shoes7007 horn105373 horn impalement874 impalement623 implied lesbian3989 implied shipping5871 implied twilestia172 implied twilight sparkle2174 jewelry84132 magic82681 majestic as fuck1388 mare578512 mood whiplash146 onomatopoeia5865 pillow21281 pillow hat59 raising the sun82 regalia27067 silly7974 silly pony3189 sleeping25765 sun7750 sun work133 sunrise1273 text71381 tiara5064 wide eyes18350 wings158634 yawn1542


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Equality - In our state, we do not stand out.
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Look, a distraction!
dude, morning people need a high five…in the face…with a bat. preferably one that will then maul them.