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safe1613262 artist:evehly833 princess celestia91078 princess luna95389 alicorn205543 pony880903 alarm clock378 behaving like a bird563 behaving like a chicken48 behaving like a rooster44 blue hair839 blue mane706 clock1752 comic103171 crown15105 dawn302 eyebrows2581 faic11624 female1283830 glowing horn17653 hoof shoes4528 horn51628 horn impalement370 impalement499 implied lesbian3149 implied shipping4553 implied twilestia151 implied twilight sparkle1695 jewelry55078 magic68280 majestic as fuck1211 mare438557 mood whiplash127 onomatopoeia3562 pillow16337 pillow hat45 raising the sun70 regalia17645 silly7114 silly pony2873 sleeping22178 sun6117 sun work122 sunrise1041 text53438 tiara3447 wide eyes16330 wings87148 yawn1316


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Look, a distraction!
dude, morning people need a high five…in the face…with a bat. preferably one that will then maul them.
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This is giving me Rock-a-Doodle flashbacks