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safe1919226 artist:evehly829 princess celestia103187 princess luna107272 alicorn264433 pony1266819 alarm clock474 behaving like a bird681 behaving like a chicken59 behaving like a rooster44 blue hair1368 blue mane1986 clock2222 comic120969 crown23328 dawn389 eyebrows13750 faic13502 female1554588 glowing horn24233 hilarious in hindsight3460 hoof shoes7109 horn108695 horn impalement883 impalement630 implied lesbian4049 implied shipping5965 implied twilestia172 implied twilight sparkle2192 jewelry85998 magic83727 majestic as fuck1404 mare588140 mood whiplash159 onomatopoeia6031 pillow21660 pillow hat59 raising the sun83 regalia27690 silly8039 silly pony3205 sleeping26045 sun7867 sun work134 sunrise1289 text72702 tiara5123 wide eyes18481 wings163116 yawn1563


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Look, a distraction!
dude, morning people need a high five…in the face…with a bat. preferably one that will then maul them.